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Benchmark provides the semiconductor industry with a full compliment of thermal components with the following features:

  • Uniform or profiled heat throughout or in discrete zones.
  • Temperatures to 475 DegF (246 DegC).
  • Temperature control through thermocouples or imbedded thermostats.
  • Overtemperature protection through thermostats or thermal fuses.
  • Control of surface temperature by insulation provides operator safety.
  • Nylon coated snaps for operator protection.
  • Clean room compatibility.
  • Foam molded parts for precision fit.
  • Stock and custom configurations .
  • Agency approvals and conformance to UL, CE, and NEC 427.


With the above features, Benchmark Thermal holds a competitive advantage with...
Price. Never pay for quality you don’t receive. Continuous innovation into processes and materials keep Benchmark Thermal ahead of the competition in price and quality.

No amount of price reduction can compensate for poor performance. Benchmark Thermal has been manufacturing heaters since 1984 with high quality and low defect rates. Processes and controls meet the standards of ISO 9002 with traceability on key components.

When you want answers, there’s nothing worse than hearing “voice mail.” At Benchmark Thermal a real human is there to answer questions with the technical expertise to do the job. We have a fully staffed engineering department with the tools to craft any heater design.

Gas Line Heaters and Insulators


Physical Specifications

  • For gas lines from .250” O.D. thru .750” O.D.
  • Available colors are Orange, Gray, and Green.
  • Insulation Thickness .250”, .375”, or .500”.
  • Maximum Temperature 475 Deg F (246 Deg C).
  • Voltages from 12 volts to 240 volts (depending on amperage. Consult factory).
  • Interconnect sections up to 10 amps.
  • U.L. and CE marked and approved.

Electrical Specifications

  • Watt density from 1 to 5 watts per sq. inch.
  • 12 Volts-240 Volts available. Consult factory for amperage and resistance values.
  • Positive mating connectors from Amp connectors, rated up to 10 amps.
  • Heaters have power-in and power-out leads for inter-connectability.
  • Safety can be accomplished with thermostats, thermal fuses and thermocouples, per customer design requirements.

Physical Properties

  • Jacket material .028 cured silicone sheet fiberglass reinforced.
  • Fasteners are snap style nylon coated for operator protection
  • Colors can be orange, green, or gray.

Click Here for a Twist Tape PDF brochure.

  Gas Line Heaters - Straight .250", .375", or .500" Diameter

  • 2.5 watts per sq inch
  • .250” thick insulation
  • Power in and out leads 6”
  • Amp Mate-N-Lok connectors
  • With or without thermocouple 12”
  • With or without control Thermostat
  • U.L. recognized component

  Insulators For Gas Line Components

  • For .250” thru .500” Dia gas lines
  • .250” thick insulation
  • Silicone sheet material jacket
  • Nylon covered snaps for safety
  1.5", 2.0", 3.0", and 4.0" Diameter Heater Lines
  • All heaters are U.L. recognized components.
  • Heater have standards .25” silicone foam insulation. .50” insulation is also available.
  • Heater jackets are fiberglass reinforced silicone sheet material. Nylon coated snaps are provided for greater operator protection.
  • Type “K” thermocouple is available.


  Large Diameter Exhaust Line Components
  • 90 Deg Radius
  • 45 Deg Radius
  • Conical Reducers
  • Tee Heater


  Supplemental Thermal Components
  • ISO Clamp Heaters
  • Continuous Shapes
  • Valve Heaters


  Special Application Heaters

BENCHMARK THERMAL can produce a variety of configurations for special applications on a timely basis. Whether the application calls for.......

...valve insulators
....valve stacks
.....or any custom application

Call BENCHMARK THERMAL. No job is too tough, too small, or too large.

  Specialty Foam Products

With extensive experience producing molded foam products, Benchmark is capable of providing customers with endless size and shape possibilites. Specialty foam is produced in the Benchmark facility from quality G.E. Silicone sponge ingredients. Some of the key features of speciality foam include:

  • Colors specific to the customer’s requirements.
  • Design of the molded product can be from simple to the very complex.
  • Production run quantities can reduce overall cost.
  • A high degree of uniform repeatability.


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